Friday, September 30, 2016


I'm feeling very different lately. Maybe its because my meds changed or the fact that I literally do nothing anymore and at the moment I'm just so bored, having nothing else to do. For some reason I always come back to writing. I only blog like every 3 months...... sorry about that. Maybe this time I'll continue...... not likely but possibly. Writing does help me express things that I can't quite get to with art, my usual form of creative expression. I quite like how easy writing can be, not saying that writing a book is easy, but instead of pulling out paintbrushes and palettes and taking days to create a whole masterpiece off of one simple idea, you just simply write it and hit publish. I guess thats more blogging than writing but whatever. I do want to write a book though, it seems fun. Stressful, but fun. For some reason I feel like it would give meaning to my life.

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