About Me

My life isn't what you call normal. Its not the good kind of non-normal like the ability to sing, dance or even cook. Its the bad kind. Were as your "different." Want to know why? Its because I have a disability. Your probably looking at your screen making a face like your constipated thinking I'm the weird one. Truth is everyone has a disability. Its just some are easier to notice, like mine. My disability doesn't have a name but its close to Parkinson's Disease which effects your muscle tone and control. The first ten, none of the less most important years of my life I spent in a wheelchair not able to walk, talk, or do anything basically. Since I was born I've been tested and experimented on and treated like I was nothing. No one wants to hang out with a girl who is in a wheelchair that can't talk so I always kept to myself... which really just meant thinking over thoughts in my brain. So how am I writing this now you say? My amazing doctor found a medication that helps me walk every single day. I am now living every single day like its my last. This is my life. This is how I inspire and change the world.


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