Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015 Intro to blogging

Blogs can be boring. I promise to make mine as fun to read as possible. All you need to do is read it. Maybe also comment:) Anyways life is okay right now. Not the best but its ok. I wish I had more friends. I have a few best friends but they can never hang out. Maybe they just don't want to. Don't know but its ok. I have so much more to focus than friends like school, family, and other stuff. I love art and dance but they are just hobbies.Writing is also one of my hobbies. Writing helps me clear my mind. I have a diary I keep with all my biggest secrets that I always keep hidden and it helps me get out emotions and ideas that I can't exactly share out loud. Blogging is a whole different story than just writing in a diary but I think it will also help me a lot with my feelings also. Blogging might also help me become a better writer. Who doesn't want that? I just hope blogging will be for my own good, not for bad purposes.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

I don't consider my life normal because of my disability, combined with issues that every teenage girl has to go through,. I've wanted to create a blog for a while now just to let out how I feel and  to teach, inspire, and motivate others. So I started a blog.... this is my first post. Back to the top of the page, yes I do have a disability. Its like Parkinson's Disease but not the exact same. I was in a wheelchair, not able to walk or talk for the first ten years of my life. One thing, read that last sentence again. People don't understand how much walking and talking can mean to living until their put in a situation without it. The first ten years, none of the less the most important years of my life I spent in a wheelchair stuck in my own mind while other kids ride bikes, swim, have fun. This is my life. I want to share it with you. Warning: may be depressing and sad but usually funny and inspirational :)